What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of gene function and what factors influence how your genes work.

Epigenetic studies have revealed that both hereditary and environmental factors can impact cellular behavior and cause epigenetic changes.

Positive Environmental Factors:

  • Balanced Diet
  • Regular Exercise
  • Good Nights Sleep

Negative Environmental Factors:

  • Pollution
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Excessive UV exposure
  • Excessive sugar, alcohol and caffeine

Positive changes in your own life can definitely impact your health on a cellular level and promote overall healthy cell function.

QMS developed their Epigen range to counteract the environmental factors that negatively influence skin cellular function. As the skin is the body’s first defense against external factors, skin cells are often impacted and show premature sign of aging due to oxidative stress.

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Epigen Pollution Defense Creme QMS Epigen Pollution Detox Cleansing Gel QMS Epigen Pollution Detox Serum


The hereditary cellular behavior may be more complicated to treat but it is reversible.

Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change our DNA sequence, however epigenetic changes are transferable in cellular division. Therefore the changes, (both negative and positive) in one specific cell can/ will be transferred to the next.

We all want healthy, fully functional cells for as long as possible. What epigenetics allows us to do is recognize the hereditary predispositions we may have and prevent, treat and even reverse them.

How epigenetics affects the aging process?

Aging is inevitable. A key factor within aging is that overall cellular function slows down. Therefore many treatments and topical creams are formulated to improve cell turnover and promote collagen synthesis.  Recognizing key epigenetic behaviour allows us to promote healthy cellular function and improve cell longevity.


Epigenetics and Anti-Ageing Skin Care

Advanced topical formulations that utilize epigenetic studies are designed to:

  1. Address the various genetic markers involved in the aging process.
  2. Target the specific symptoms that generally appear in different age groups

With the in-depth knowledge of cellular function and behavior, certain behaviors can be predicted and the signs and symptoms of aging can be counteracted by targeting the mechanisms in the skin which are affected by:

  • UV radiation,
  • Inflammation,
  • DNA damage
  • Free radical generation.

Understaing your own genetic predispositions will allow you to potentially counteract, prevent or even reverse them.   For example if you have a predisposition to get hyperpigmentation due to UV exposure, epigenetics allows us to understand, hinder and correct that reaction on a cellular level. That correction (epigenetic change) can then be carried over during cell division, creating further healthy and balanced skin cells.

The new Age Element range in Mesoestetic helps counteract the predicted age related epigenetic changes at all levels of the aging process. Below are the moisturizers within each range: Brightening, Firming and Anti-Wrinkle.

Mesoestetic Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Cream Mesoestetic Age Element Firming Cream Mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Cream

While each range could be categorized into age groups, these advanced products target specific concerns and can be used together, such as the Brightening Serum layered underneath the Firming Cream.


If you have specific skin concerns, we would love to recommend a treatment plan and/ or skin care regime for you.  So do get in touch.

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