Revitalise your energy and boost your immunity. It’s a great way to detox!

What’s your IV Cocktail?

Our Aesthetic Doctors offer a variety of different IV drips with different vitamins and minerals that can be combined to suit your requirements.

VITAMIN C – for growth and the repair of all tissues in your body. An antioxidant that influences collagen synthesis, boosts immunity and assists in wound healing and repair.

GLUTATHIONE – the master antioxidant! Great for immunity as well as skin brightening and lightening. Its also fights cancer, heart disease, premature ageing, auto-immune disease and chronic illness. An essential anti-oxidant in the arteries that together with vitamin C, prevents plaque formation and blockages.

VITAMIN B12 – To keep your nervous system and vascular system healthy. Assists in improving memory too.

VITAMIN B Complex – Improves metabolism, promotes a normal and healthy appetite, boosts energy and fights fatigue. Alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety.

SELENIUM – An anti-oxidant that assists in cell metabolism.

PHOSPHOTIDYLCHOLINE – An essential phospholipid derived from soya. It improves integrity of the cell membranes which is critical for proper cell functioning. Making the new cells more permeable allowing nutrients in and toxins out. It allows cells to repair damage caused by free radicals and restores their youthful function.

MAGNESIUM – This compound regulates over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and helps generate energy. It assists your over health as well as treating anxiety and fatigue.


The IV Drips each run for 30 – 45 minutes.