Permanent make-up is an established treatment that inserts pigment under the skin, much like a tattoo, to mimic and enhance facial features. The most popular areas for permanent make-up are eye brows, top and bottom eye-liner, lip-liner and full lip colour.

There are a variety of methods used;  the rotary machine method which is more traditional, the micro-blading method and the embroidery method. We now offer the rotary and embroidery methods at Just Skin Clinic.

The Rotary Machine Method

This method uses a needle/ probe to quickly, accurately and effectively deposit our high quality pigments into the skin. With the rotary machine the pigment is deposited slightly deeper into the skin and therefore results tend to last longer than when the other methods are used. With this method we offer permanent brows, top and bottom eye-liner as well as lip liner and full lip colour.

Different size needles/ probes are used in the machine to give you the desired results. A finer needle is used for the brows, so we can create hair strokes and a natural shape. A thicker needle is used for liners and a cluster is used for full lip colour.

The Embroidery Method

The Embroidery method uses a cluster of needles. This method is primarily used for eye brows (powder brows) and allows for very realistic, precise, fine strokes to mimic each hair, filling in sparse over plucked brows. The cluster of needles can also be used lightly for shading to allow for a more natural finished look – which adds dimension. The resulting brows look bold and realistic.  The embroidery method is used for full lip colour too.

This method offer great results but do expect your brows to fade a bit over a year.


What To Expect

Before your treatment, the area being treated will be prepped. For brows they will be drawn in and shaped according to your facial features. Once approved the area will be numbed using a numbing cream. This will ensure the treatment offer little discomfort.

The treatment itself takes between 45min and and 2.5 hours. Brows tend to take longest. 

After the treatment you must allow the area to scab and heal, this usually takes 4 -5 days.  Ideally avoid make-up and excessive water on the area during this time. Full healing for lips can take up to 10 days.

A touch-up treatment is required within 4 – 6 weeks.

permanent make-up


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