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DERMACEUTIC – Radiance Brightening Cream


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30 ml

Stimulating night treatment to even skin tone and treat pigmentation.

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Dermaceutic Radiance Brightening Cream

The Dermaceutic Radiance Brightening Cream gently exfoliates the skin and restores the skin’s radiance thanks to the synergy of high-performance acids and lightening agents in optimal concentrations. Ideal for treating dull skin, uneven skin tone and texture.

  • Kojic acid – Depigmenting agent that inactivates tyrosinase by chelation reaction, blocking melanin synthesis responsible for pigment spots.
  • Arbutin  – One of the most potent actives that reduces tyrosinase activity and therefore the production of melanin.
  • Niacinamide – Lightening agent that inhibits the transfer of melanosomes. It is also known as vitamin B3 or vitamin PP and helps to decrease the appearance of skin redness.
  • Salicylic & Mandelic acids – BHA and AHA that reduce intercorneocyte cohesion by destroying lipids that bind the outer cells of the epidermis with their keratolytic properties.


Directions: Apply in the evening on the full face, focusing especially on pigmented areas. Begin twice a week and increase frequency progressively. 3 month treatment recommended.


Established as an expert in Aesthetic Dermatology, Dermaceutic is one of the first cosmeceutical companies to develop products using ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, stabilized vitamin C and Glycolic acid.  Offering a variety of skin care products and medical peeling treatments.

With a progressive approach, which is adapted to each patients needs, and a personal homecare regimen, optimal results can be achieved.

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