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OPTIPHI – Sculpting Repair


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100 ml

Rejuvenating & smoothing skin corrector. Great for cellulite.

Available on backorder


Optiphi Sculpting Repair

The Optiphi Body Curve Sculpting Repair targets the underlying causes of cellulite, by curbing the ill-effects of trapped fluid and by acting against the fat nodules responsible for the appearance of cellulite. This skin rejuvenating treatment supports the reduction of stubborn adipose (fat) deposits by increasing the intercellular energy with the addition of  Plasma Rich Rockbreaker Plant Cell Factor , while Soya Isoflavone tightens and firms the tissue. The addition of Retinol, aids in the improvement of sun damage and visible signs of ageing.

Encapsulated hexapeptide-39 Aids in diminishing the appearance of visible cellulite and allows for lower lipid (fat) accumulation in cells.


Directions:  Apply to the main areas of concern, using a circular motion to massage in. Ideally applied to clean, dry skin. Can be used once or twice a day.




This proudly South African range of skin care is born from the knowledge applied in the fields of producing burn wound dressings, wound ointments and even temporary skin substitutes. The understanding of the inner workings of the skin allow Optiphi to create unique and highly effective skincare products with unparalleled results.

The name optiphi® contains two underlying principles: Opti and PHI which stand for Optimal and Positive Homeostatic influence. Using these 2 principal Optiphi focus on improving the skins collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin production, preventing oxidative damage, restoring the skin’s PH balance and reviving barrier function.

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