PHARMACERIS – Emotopic Emollient Barrier Cream

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A rich nourishing cream for dry sensitive skin. Ideal for adults and children.

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Pharmaceris Emotopic Emollient Barrier Cream

The Pharmaceris Emotopic Emollient Barrier Cream is ideal for the daily care of sensitive, dry and very dry skin  prone to irritation and allergic reactions. It soothes and helps protect the skin against environmental aggressors (including frost, wind, dry air, irritants) which make the skin rough, irritated, prone to microdamages or contact eczema.  Great for around the hands, elbows, face and knees too.

The cream provides missing ceramides and lipids to the skin, ensuring optimal hydration, nourishment and smoothing of the epidermis. It leaves a cohesive lipid protective barrier on the skin, protecting it against environmental aggressors and preventing roughness and micro-damage of the epidermis.

Known for its soothing properties, Canola oil quickly and effectively minimizes symptoms of irritation and localized contact eczema, visibly improving the condition of the skin.

Combined with Hemp oil, it is highly effective in accelerating epidermal regeneration. The high lipid content effectively restores the barrier function of the skin, preventing excessive water loss.

The emollient formula also contains Sodium Hyaluronate, which restores proper hydration levels in the epidermis also in cases of extreme dryness, ensuring instant improvement in skin condition, a long-lasting smoothing effect and a feeling of comfort.

Free from parabens, fragrances, preservatives and colourants. 


Directions: Apply the cream onto clean and dry skin of the face and body. Use daily or as needed on the affected area. Great for hands and elbows too. There is no age limit on this product, it therefore can be used on newborns.



Pharmaceris offer safe specialist dermocosmetics that are specifically targeted to meet skincare needs and assist in the treatment of the most common skin concerns.

Developed by a team of experts, Pharmaceris combines dermatological solutions and advanced cosmetic formulas, that effectively address a number of different ‘difficult-to-treat’ skin problems.

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