Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP works on the simple basis of utilizing your own natural platelets found in your blood cells, hence the term Vampire Facial, to instruct the body to create new collagen which results in rejuvenated skin. Utilized in various ways, the platelet solutions can be introduced with injections or more frequently as a topical addition to resurfacing –  Dermapen treatments or the latest Fractora treatments


How Does It Work?

Our Doctor will take a small vial of blood from your arm. The blood is then placed in a vial and spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and the plasma. This process concentrates the platelet count to about 4 x normal. It is this platelet-rich plasma – often called “liquid gold” – that is then utilised.

PRP vampire facial treatment diagram

The serum is activated by the addition of calcium chloride. The activated plasma serum behaves the same way the body would respond if there were an actual injury.  Therefore healing platelets rush in to create a rich fibrin mesh. This fibrin mesh in turn calls out to natural healing cells, releasing growth factors and stimulating the process of fibroblast production to energise and heal.  Fibroblasts are the cells within the body that produce collagen.

The End Result.

  • Healthier appearance
  • Thicker dermis (resulting in reduced wrinkles and scars)
  • Improved tone

The PRP Facial Treatment

The PRP Facial consists of PRP applied to skin that has been prepared through a Dermapen or Fractora treatment. This micro-needling makes tiny “wounds” in the skin which accept the PRP serum and begins the process of collagen creation along with the tissue enhancement from growth factors found in the plasma serum.

There is downtime of about 2 – 7 days, depending on needle depth during the treatment. Fractora is more advanced and intense. 


PRP Injections

The Platelet Rich Plasma can also be injected directly into the skin, focussing on specific areas of concern.  No facial or mirco-needling treatment is done prior to this method. The PRP injections are also used for hair growth stimulation and injected directly into the scalp and hair follicles where hair is thinning.


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