You may experience many different skin conditions throughout your various life stages. It’s important to treat them efficiently and effectively in order to get the best results.

Treating different skin conditions may vary for each individual but below are some popular and effective methods that are worth looking into. 


Acne in your teen years is largely due to hormones or diet and this can be counter acted by using the correct skin care products, improving dietary habits or if necessary starting medication. We do also recommend light peeling treatments to stimulate and renew the skin.

Adult Acne can be treated by changing your skin care regime and then having regular chemical peels. Stress can cause changes in your skin condition and therefore controlling those triggers will also help.

A different but effective method for treating adult acne also includes Botox – This is becoming more popular since it decreases the sebum production in oily skinned individuals. With the new Vital Injector, we can infuse botox into the dermis, quickly and effectively.

Prescription medication such as Doxycycline and Roaccutane still definitely has a place in management in suitable patients.



Athough we now have numerous lasers to treat acne scarring, the following modalities still show excellent, if not superior results. I recommend 3 sessions with maintenance 6 monthly after the course is completed.

  1. Subcision: (using a needle to break up the scars and induce collagen formation) and Skin boosters for deeper scarring (3 sessions, 2 weeks apart)
  1. Dermapen for mild acne scarring.
  1. Ice Pick scars: Strong chemical peel (TCA)



Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky patches of skin covered with silvery scales. These patches can appear anywhere on your body and are generally small and in some cases, becoming itchy or sore.

Botox has a new use in treating Psoriasis especially in axillae. It blocks the sensory nerves and interrupts the inflammatory cascade, thereby reducing the psoriatic skin plaques.



A chronic condition characterized by facial redness, dilated blood vessels. In some cases it can include pustules, papules and facial swelling.

Treatment Plan:

  1. Avoid triggers: cold, heat, alcohol, spicy food, sun
  1. Wear Sunscreen
  1. Use gentle skin care (Ask the Just Skin team for recommendations)
  1. Sever cases – look at suitable Prescription creams (Ask our doctor)
  1. Botox – Blocks Neurotransmission and the inflammatory cascade (redness)
  1. IPL rejuvenation

Come in to our clinic so we can assess and recommend a personalized treatment plan. 



Treating melanoma and most hyper pigmentation (PIH, solar lentigines)

This is a very big topic with the message being clear: We can improve the melasma, even get rid of it, but it will come back. It is a recurrent condition and worsens in Summer months therefore you need constant management.

There are two treatment methods in effectively treating this condition:

Pro-lasers or Pro-peels.

Our best approach consensus is to go mild and invest in regular light peels. As it is recurrent, we can’t take it away forever and hence why waste time on expensive lasers with possible side effects?

This is a lifetime commitment at home and in the clinic and requires the following: prescription cream containing hydroquinone and retinol, as well as oral medication.

Speak to us about a personalised plan.



Hair loss is something no one ever wants to go through.
Thankfully though,  Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) isolated whole blood is gaining popularity in the cosmetic field and is one of the latest methods of treatment for various types of hair loss and skin rejuvenation. PRP demonstrated a significant negative pull test and reduction in hair loss between the 1st and 4th injection.



They eye area is one of the most important areas as the sin is delicate, thin and shows sign of fatigue and ageing quickly.  For preventive care we recommend starting to use an eye cream from the age of 26, as thats when your body’s collagen production decreases.

There are a variety of treatments that will improve an ageing eye area such as; chemical peels, Dermapen skin needling, skin boosters and IPL Rejuvenation.  A customised combination of these treatments is recommended.

Microneedling – (Dermapen or Vital Injector) creates micro holes, which leads to the release of growth factors and the stimulation of new collagen and elastin in the dermis. This followed by a TCA peel to the epidermis (that had been made more permeable by the microneedling), allows better penetration and improved results.


If you have any queries or would like further information regarding a specific skin condition please don’t hesitate to contact us.  |  021 433 1783

Dr Mignon Laub or one of our qualified therapists will gladly assist.